During the COVID era, I was working at a hospital as an Administrator, every day many patients and people asked for the ambulance services. Many patients discharged every day and many of them were aged people, so they need ambulance service for going from hospital to home , we were in contact of only 3 ambulance, we used to call ambulance for need and each and every time all 3 ambulance, would be busy, we didn’t have more ambulance operator’s numbers, therefore the bed of hospital wouldn’t vacant until patients not leave, so I started registrating the number of all ambulance operators which came to the hospital for picking up and dropping patients, within few days we had many numbers of ambulances operators and our problem got solved. We have named that register as ambulance info, after COVID era, I thought this problem would be faced with all Hospitals, Patients & People. Thus, it’s how we found ambulanceinfo.com, A one-stop solution of ambulance.


We envision a comprehensive, accessible, and sustainable patient transport system information, realized through collaboration with ambulance service providers.


For the Indian citizen. Wants to provide ambulance service information on the finger tip of every Indian citizen to provide rights to choose the most appropriate services, every time.


Ambulance service provider is the most valuable asset of our services.

Scope of Service

We extend our expertise by constantly evaluating our services and adopting the revolutionary changes that take place in Healthcare and Patient Logistic sectors. All our services are well-acclaimed and we pursue this Excellency by learning the new trends in the industry that dawn every day.

Includes all private, trust, hospital ambulance service providers.

Exclude all the Emergency ambulance service provider- like 108 , 112 ambulances.