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In an emergency, the last thing you wish for is delay. We have our ambulance providers who are always on the go with their vehicles. With you get to choose the various types of the ambulance you want, and the features that you need.


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Types of Ambulance is the basically ambulance information network portal which provide the one stop solution to the citizen of India who wants to avail the services of ambulance like PTA, BLS, ALS, mortuary van, funeral van etc. we will provide ambulance service providers information. Which help people at large to find appropriate service for

“near one and dear one”

Patient Transport Ambulance
  • Basic Ambulance Services
Basic Life Support
  • Basic Ambulance Services
  • Oxygen
  • Life Saving Drugs
Advanced Life Support
  • Basic Ambulance Services
  • Oxygen, Life Saving Drugs
  • Ventilator/AED/Monitor
  • Care Provider
Neonatal / Pediatric Ambulance
  • Basic Ambulance Services
  • Oxygen, Life Saving Drugs
  • Incubator/Stretcher/Ventilator/AED/Monitor
  • Care Provider
Mortuary Ambulance
  • Basic Vehicle
  • Frezeer Box
  • Packing Services
Antim Yatra / Funral Ambulance
  • Basic Vehicle
  • Coffin Box
  • Deadbody Stretcher

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